About Us


 The Moon and Back is inspired by the love we give to our children and the will to give them the best to flourish and grow. It’s a reflection of our business vision and the brands we represent.

 Founded in Hong Kong in 2015, The Moon and Back was created to introduce new-scene brands to Asia. We handpick brands from Europe and particularly from France that have a genuine and novel approach to children’s activities and needs. Our carefully curated portfolio focuses on brands that use safe and eco-friendly materials and quality craftsmanship, while being fun for kids.

 We offer a comprehensive platform of services for retailers by providing a unique selection of children’s art and crafts and accessories. Our exclusive selection aims to offer a unique experience to the kids we cherish.

 Two French ladies, Elodie Cannings and Sarah Bagley, created The moon and Back as an extension of their personal experience with kids' products in Hong Kong. People are always searching for the latest best thing for their child and we try to offer that option. We like the story behind each brand.

 We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!!